The only military specification Global Xpress terminal

Unique Military design, Ka-band maritime terminal, approved ready-to-use system for the high speed, Global Xpress (GX) broadband service from Inmarsat.

Key Features

Military Certified Maritime GX Terminal

GX100PM is specially designed for use in military applications and meets required specifications, including FCC, ETSI, MIL-STD-167 and MIL-STD-461F.

Superior Command & Control

Intellian's Aptus interface delivers complete remote diagnostics and control of the terminal via Web or PC, providing automated diagnostics including intuitive graphical log file readout.


Lightest 1m GX Terminal

GX100PM is the lightest GX Terminal among 1m antennas, providing installation flexibility on smaller vessels.

Optional Dual VSAT Mediator

The optional Dual VSAT Mediator ensures uninterrupted broadband communications by seamlessly switching between two antennas, communicating simultaneously with one Below Deck Terminal and an ACU.

Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Solution 

  • Same platform as the most widely deployed 1m stabilized satellite communications system
  • Optimized for mass market and military applications
  • Resilient system proven in the field

Operational Flexibility

  • Global coverage via Global Xpress network
  • Built to be a flexible platform
  • Users can upgrade existing ku band product in as little as 10 minutes to GX service
  • High Power BUC option available

Radome Dimension

138 x 151.4 cm (54.33 x 59.63 inch)

Reflector Diameter

103 cm (41 inch)

Antenna Weight

113.3 kg /249.78 lbs

TX Frequency

29.0~30.0GHz Ka-band

RX Frequency

19.2~20.2GHz Ka-band

TX Gain

47.7 dBi @ 29.5 GHz (w/ radome)

RX Gain

43.7 dBi @ 19.7 GHz (w/ radome)


20 dB/K (Typ.)

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