A Rugged, Lightweight, Man Portable, Quick Deployable Satellite Land Terminal

Lightweight, man portable, flyaway antenna with a 1m reflector. Quick to deploy in under five minutes. Packed compact enough to fit in two backpacks for ease of deployment to theater with automatic satellite acquisition to find the required satellite quickly and efficiently.


Key Features

Portable Yet Stable Solution

LP100 is lightweight, rugged, and portable. Supplied in either two hard cases or two soft casebacks, protecting the antenna system from harsh transport conditions in theater or air transport.


Fail-Safe Operation with Manual Pointing

Designed to offer fail-safe operation in event of an unpredictable environmental power failure on site. Manual pointing operation is also supported with the “P” button.


Rapid Setup

LP100 provides easy and quick deployment through modular assembly that can be completed in a few minutes. Requiring no tools, the antenna can be built in the dark as each reflector section is interchangeable.


Dual Power Input AC/DC

With the dual power input capability option, the LP100 can operate on AC power, or DC power from a vehicle.


Land Portable Auto-Acquisition Satellite VSAT System

  • Lightweight Man Portable Flyaway Antenna with a 1m reflector
  • Designed for rapid deployment of high speed satellite communication networks for use in Defense, Disaster Recovery, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Media, Telemedicine, Insurance, Remote office, Energy and Mining
  • Quick to deploy in under five minutes and is packed compact enough for ease of transport.
  • Automatic satellite Acquisition to find the required satellite efficiently

The Intellian LP100 will Help Complete the Mission

  • Designed to survive in the harshest of conditions while still delivering reliable communications.
  • Highly portable with fast deployment ensures an in-theater operator can be online quickly
  • Light weight for ease of deployment, man portable in two protective backpacks, yet rugged enough to withstand the harsh handling of a military environment.
  • Can be managed using the Intellian Aptus platform, providing the ability to remotely manage and control the LP100 system through Aptus, using a simple one click process to provide system monitoring and support

Radome Dimension


Reflector Diameter

105 cm (41.3 inch)

Antenna Weight

47 kg

TX Frequency

13.75 GHz ~ 14.5 GHz

RX Frequency

10.95 GHz~12.75 GHz

TX Gain

41.0 dBi

RX Gain

39.5 dBi


18.4 dB/K (min.)

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