Eutelsat OneWeb dual parabolic enterprise user terminal (UT)

The OW130L is a high performance user terminal that is able to utilize Eutelsat OneWeb's Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation. The OW130L has a 125 cm reflector and delivers a minimum of 18.2 dB/K G/T performance. The terminal consists of a pair on antenna ensuring consistency during LEO satellite handovers. 

Key Features

High Speed Connectivity

The OW130L delivers fast and responsive communication services to customers in land. Equipped with a 125 cm reflector and capable of achieving data speeds reaching up to 195 Mbps for downlink and 32 Mbps for uplink. The OW130L facilitates high-speed applications for extensive enterprises, large rural community broadband, and onshore smart energy initiatives. 

Seamless Connectivity

The OW130L is comprises of two antennas which operate in Primary-Secondary mode. The terminal's 3 axis stabilization platform allows seamless and undisrupted connectivity, which is essential for smooth reliable handovers. 

Low temperature performance

Utilizing the latest heating device technology, the OW130L provides dependable performance in extremely low temperatures (-40 degrees Celsius). With Eutelsat OneWeb being the only LEO constellation committing to 100% coverage of the poles, you can be assured of affordable and reliable broadband services for communities and businesses in regions of remote connectivity including in polar regions.

Eutelsat OneWeb LEO constellation

Eutelsat OneWeb supplies high-speed internet connectivity to every corner of the world, even in the most remote location. Utilizing its 648 LEO satellite constellation, Eutelsat OneWeb is able to deliver high-speed low latency connectivity.

LEO satellite scan and tracking algorithm

The OW130L is comprised of two antennas which operate in Primary-Secondary mode. Designed specifically to prevent the keyhole effect, the OW130L ensures a reliable connection even when the satellite is directly overhead

18.2 dB/K antennas with 3 axis stabilization

  • 3 axis stabilization allows easy tracking of LEO satellites
  • A responsive cross-level beam helps to point the antenna in the right direction even when the elevation angle approaches ±82 degrees
  • 'Keyhole problem' avoidance design is implemented in the OW130L which in turn enables the antenna to continue tracking normally even when the satellite is directly overhead

Radome Dimension

150 cm x 143 cm (59.1 x 56.3 inches)

Reflector Diameter

125 cm (49.2 inches)

Antenna Weight (Primary antenna)

95 kg (209.4 Ibs) | 96 kg (211.6 lbs) with heating module

Antenna Weight (Secondary antenna)

94 kg (207.2 Ibs) | 95 kg (209.4 lbs) with heating module

TX Frequency

14 GHz ~ 14.5 GHz

RX Frequency

10.7 GHz ~ 12.7 GHz

TX Gain

42.5 dBi

RX Gain

40.8 dBi


18.2 dB/K (@11.8 GHz)

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