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Intellian v100 antenna boosts productivity for fishing fleets with improved efficiency and crew welfare

01 September 2020
Global - Commercial Fishing
Commercial Fishing - v100 Antenna

  • CUSTOMER: Dongwon
  • MARKET SECTOR: Fishing
  • REQUIRED FEATURES: Terminals with outstanding reliability for long-lasting operation out in open seas


  • Each fishing season requires a vessel to be out in open seas for prolonged periods which calls for reliable operation of the satellite communication
  • The exceptional quality of service to ensure seamless satellite communication in the harsh and testing environments of deep-sea fishing

Deep-sea tuna fishing fleets comprised of a mother ship and a number of smaller fishing vessels that catch and delivers their tuna to the mother ship for processing. They are designed and manufactured with a very specific purpose in mind: to stay at sea as long as possible so they can catch as much tuna as possible. The only time they ever dock in port is when they need extensive refit or to replenish supplies.

Extremely long operation time in harsh deep-sea environments requires reliable and seamless satellite communication. As fuel expenses usually exceed 40% of the total operational cost of a fishing boat, locating and tracking the migrating fish schools with efficiency is critical in this business. To achieve this efficiency level, operators require real-time data of sea surface temperature, plankton visualization, weather forecasts and satellite fish finder remote buoy information.


  • Stable and reliable Ku-Band Intellian v100 Antenna
  • Ku and Ka-Band Optimized Reflector
  • Frequency Tuned Radome
  • Intellian Global PLL LNB

Intellian’s v100 satellite internet system is the most popular 1m antenna in the business. The world’s leading satellite communications integrators rely on the v100’s superior RF performance, its modular, configurable design, and its overall ease of use.

The v100 is designed and engineered to operate on Ku and Ka-bands while maximizing the RF performance on both bands. The reflector of the v100 is capable of handling either Ku or Ka-Bands, eliminating the need to replace the reflector when switching between bands.

To ensure efficient operations for both Ku-band and Ka-band systems, the signal loss of the radome itself was minimized and the performance maximized with an optimized radome design that enhances both the Ka-band and Ku-band system performance.

The v100 is equipped with Intellian’s Global PLL LNB as standard. Intellian’s new Global PLL LNB presents the world’s first Ku-band LNB module capable of receiving a full range of operating frequencies from any VSAT satellite around the globe. The PLL LNB incorporates user-programmable support of an unlimited number of LO (Local Oscillator) frequencies. This uniquely innovative capability of remotely changing the frequencies of the LNB makes the v100 by far the only system that is ready for Global Ku-band VSAT service to date.


  • Unlimited internet connection is required to enable efficient and improved fishing operations
  • Improving the quality of life of crew members in challenging environments

Without Intellian’s VSAT satellite communication, the burden of high communication expenses had placed restraints on data usage for fishing operations. Core data acquisition such as water temperature, plankton data, and the weather forecast was limited to certain times and locations. Intellian’s v100 installation along with the communication service provided at a lower cost; delivered an affordable and reliable communication system.

Overall operational efficiency improved to a point where there was no need for crew operations to stress over data usage. Being able to access the latest data and information required for safe and efficient vessel operation opened up opportunities for captains and fleet managers to form an infrastructure which made communication between vessels and land-operators much more agile and reliable.

Most of the tuna fishing vessels utilize remote satellite Buoy systems with built-in fish finders. Before the installation of VSAT Satellite communication systems, with low data expenses, the usage of BUOY data imposed too much burden on captains, limiting usage to a certain time period and limited range. With unlimited uptime of Satellite BUOY systems to track tuna schools in real-time, they can efficiently route vessels to obtain the most efficient use of fuel and time.

Communication with relatives on land has always been an issue amongst crew members on board. Limited data usage blocked crew members from keeping in touch with their families resulting in low morale. With an unlimited Satellite connection, crew members are able to communicate with their families and friends.

The new system removed the inherent limitations on long-term passages and with the help of new technology with personal smartphones and computers the reach and access to personal connections had been made possible. People are no longer restricted or have to wait for days to see or talk to their loved ones. Overall morale and wellbeing of crew members drastically improved with the implementation of VSAT communication, and therefore improving operational performance as a result.

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