Case Study

Intellian enables high-capacity, reliable connectivity and data sharing for offshore seismic exploration

01 September 2020
Global - Energy
Energy Market - v130G

  • CUSTOMER: Global oil & exploration company
  • REQUIRED FEATURES: High-Throughput connectivity

June 2019, Oceaneering started a project to develop an innovative technical solution to provide a full connectivity and communications network for a major global client completing complex seismic survey operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Oceaneering’s Remote Ops Group was tasked with engineering a single-touch communication solution that maximized uptime, visibility, and scalability to perform mission-critical applications remotely.


  • High throughput & reliable connectivity for a seamless and comprehensive system for remote shoreside workstations

A major oil & exploration company was looking for the right partner, one that was able to oversee the entire communications set-up for a major industry player. Traditional issues with using third-party vendors, such as, demarcation of data sets, filtered information and lack of accountability in real-time were common obstacles. A major challenge to this project was the adoption of a new, innovative communications solution that is nearly 10 times the speed and resilience as its predecessors. The project’s key performance indicators were clearly identified and they outlined 99.9% service level availability, retaining party line connectivity between all stakeholders and automated ticket creation with customer notifications.


  • Intellian v130G Antenna Systems with Oceaneering Satellite Agnostic Intelligent Link (SAIL)

The Intellian v130G (1.25m) is a Ku-band VSAT maritime antenna system, suitable for high-speed internet, email, file transfer, video conference, VoIP, VPNs, and database backup. With its 3-axis stabilized platform, advanced shock-resistant and vibration-damping design, the v130G is capable of withstanding the most demanding sea conditions to provide “always-on” and “high-quality” broadband communications on all types of vessels.

The v130G is built to meet or exceed the industry’s most stringent standards offering superior RF performance with its simple yet sophisticated design that reduces installation time and total cost of ownership. Equipped with Remote IP access function, the v130G can be accessed, monitored and controlled from anywhere, anytime to ensure cost-effective technical support without having an engineer come on board.

Utilizing Intellian’s antenna system, Oceaneering’s Remote Ops Group worked closely with the customers to ensure their objectives were met and were able to provide application, network, and cloud storage support to ensure a single, unified picture for maximum uptime and quality of service. Two Oceaneering Satellite Agnostic Intelligent Link (SAIL) systems were implemented onto the vessels equipped with cellular LTE connectivity enabling a reduction in field personnel on board.


  • Seamless connectivity to properly yet efficiently manage and operate necessary data
  • Cost-saving of field engineer installation which can be done remotely

The customer was able to maintain the lines of communication through the duration of the seismic survey activities. We were able to help them meet their objective of reducing POB (personnel on board) and effectively de-risked operations. Depending on the day rate these individuals command, the cost savings for this factor alone is estimated between USD 650,000 to 1,100,000USD over the 65-day simulation period.

The client is now interested in further exploring the possibilities of remote workstations and Oceaneering single-touch communications solutions to provide the connectivity required to support their diverse global operations.


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