Stocked and ready

06 July 2021

Global logistic centers - intellian

Our global delivery model is a definitive example of customer-focused efficiency. We have always been bullish about keeping our logistics centers well stocked, and we have an incredible infrastructure in place that takes the bumps out of any global freight issues.

Keeping this foundation functioning as effectively as possible requires constant market vigilance; and when we identified a number of key factors indicating an imminent growth in freight demand, the company instantly responded with a dramatic increase in production of our non-custom antenna systems. These include NX Series maritime VSAT antennas, Iridium Certus terminals and TVRO systems, while we also prepared our dual-band, multi-orbit v240M 2 systems for rapid dispatch from our international delivery points.

Intellian’s global logistics centers, each of which contain a broad range of products in stock, are located in South Korea, Singapore, Rotterdam, Irvine in California, and Florida. The latter center has tailored its stock to concentrate on antenna systems of 1m and smaller, which are best suited to the most popular vessel sizes in the area. Each center has been situated at a strategic geographical point to optimize response to customer demand, and Intellian plans to expand the provision of such centers as exciting new markets open up.

The new, bespoke Intellian European Headquarters and Logistics Center in Rotterdam which opens in a few weeks, indicates the scale of our ambitions and commitment to EMEA. Designed and constructed for efficient, swift operations, the new facility includes a huge warehouse, boasting multiple loading and testing bays, which is large enough to cope with forecasted demand. Product predictability informs the scalable stock orders, so that customer requirements can be met even before items are purchased. With state-of-the-art tracking software linked to Intellian’s SAP (Systems Application and Products) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, we strive to ensure that products are always available, shipped on time and delivered cost-effectively.

“Our quick reactions have enabled us to push out stock to each of our distribution centers, ensuring that our customers continue to benefit from our fast delivery times” explains Matt Grant, our Sales Operations Manager in Rotterdam. “ Our global logistics teams have full visibility of on-hand stock, in-transit stock and customers’ precise geolocation data, and this allows us to be extremely agile and responsive to all requests.”

“Many of our competitors are struggling to deal with longer freight times,” Matt continues, “but we’re built to handle short sales cycles, and our role within the commercial ecosystem is to allow our customers to lock in their key business strategies without the worry of delayed or interrupted access to product.”