2021 update from Eric Sung, CEO & President

20 December 2021

Year end is always a natural time to reflect on what has been. 2021, despite the ongoing challenges of Covid, has been quite a pivotal year for us. Intellian was founded with the desire to really shake-up the market and develop products that customers needed but weren’t getting. That same ethos drives us every day and I am very proud of what’s been achieved throughout the year by our fantastic Intellian team and our partners all around the world. Thank you to all that have made 2021 the great success it’s been.

Through careful investment, tireless innovation and open collaboration with the most forward-thinking partners, 2021 has seen us announce many exciting developments aligned to our long-term strategy.

Among the highlights has been our strategic partnerships with OneWeb and SES. It’s partnerships like these that enable us to lead the way, developing future-proof technology for all our customers. For OneWeb we also announced Intellian’s first flat-panel antenna which our engineers have designed to really withstand the connectivity challenges faced by customers.

Over the summer we moved into our new R&D center in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, expanding the available space in our Innovation Center by nearly 80% and considerably enhancing Intellian’s development and production capacity. We also opened our new custom-built, €6.5m European Headquarters and Logistics Center in Rotterdam. As EMEA’s biggest logistics center across the industry, it’s of crucial importance to Partners and Customers in the region because it allows for the quickest delivery to them. I’m looking forward to welcoming Partners and Customers to these facilities and showcasing what makes us unique.

It’s hard to believe that here we are a year later still living with Covid, and Omicron rapidly becoming more dominant. Physical and mental health are so important more than ever and I wish everyone good health. Despite the challenges that 2022 will undoubtedly bring, one thing you can rely on is our continued support and commitment to our Partners and Customers.