TVRO i and t-Series

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The TVRO Sub 1.5M - Installation and operation training is a one day introductory course. The course provides the student with the basic skills necessary for installation at remote sites. They will be able to configure, operate, maintain and complete basic troubleshooting of Intellian i- and t-Series antenna systems. Students will understand and become familiar with all the components, functions and system operations.

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This training course is oriented towards professional technical field engineers working at the equipment installation sites, remote vessels or sites. Also intended for individuals just entering this career field or working for the first time with Intellian hardware and software, who are now responsible for the basic assembly, configuration, operation, and maintenance of Intellian TVRO products.

This course is a blended format of classroom lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises, providing each student with a complete overview of system operations from the Intellian perspective.

After completing all associated materials, classroom lectures and practical exercises, a final assessment will be administered at the end of the one-day training session.


Each student attending the TVRO Sub 1.5M - Installation and operation training course should have a basic understanding of TVRO receivers and some familiarity with IP Networks, WIFI, and RF terminology with experience of installing TVRO systems in the field. A fundamental understanding of cable termination and hand-eye coordination and dexterity for basic parts assembly is also suggested.

The student must be comfortable with a Windows operating systems and have the necessary software installation skills since they will need to deploy the Intellian suite of applications; PC Controller, Satuploader, Chrome Internet browser and terminal software.


Each registered student must bring a laptop running Windows 10, have administrative privileges with the firewall temporarily disabled to allow the install of the following software during the course: Aptus PC, Satuploader, PC Controller, Chrome Internet browser and terminal software.


The course schedule is available in the Intellian Partner Portal. Please log in to review and register.