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Eutelsat OneWeb is a global satellite network operator whose mission is to bring the internet everywhere to everyone, enabling connectivity for governments, businesses, and communities by bridging the digital divide. Their network is in its final phase of deployment to meet this truly global IT challenge. Eutelsat OneWeb are implementing a constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites with a network of global gateway stations and a range of user terminals to provide an affordable, fast, high-bandwidth and low-latency communications service, connected to the IoT future and a pathway to 5G for everyone, everywhere.

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Eutelsat OneWeb’s initial constellation is based on approximately 648 satellites as it grows to meet demand around the world.

Strategic partnership

As Eutelsat OneWeb's strategic partner, Intellian designs and produces their game-changing terminals, transforming satellite communications by delivering cost-effective connectivity and enhanced user experience. These affordable compact user terminals, provide high bandwidth, low latency connectivity to Eutelsat OneWeb’s global satellite service, delivering to multiple markets including enterprise and government services.

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Orbiting at 1,200km, Eutelsat OneWeb's satellites operate in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and provide Ku-band LTE-like services to customers all over the world. As they are 30 times closer to Earth than GEO satellites and 8 times closer than those of MEO operators, this allows Eutelsat OneWeb to deliver unmatchable low-latency connectivity.

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Connected World

We live in a hyper connected world with increasingly tech-savvy users who demand high-quality internet access on the go, which can only be satisfied by high throughput, low latency, global network. In the era of digitalization and with the shift to the cloud, reliable and fast communications will not only be viewed as a working tool but will soon be the expectation.

New Technology

Designed to meet the challenges of the present and requirements of the future our unique suite of connectivity solutions and cutting-edge terminals will enable customers of all sizes and types to achieve digital transformation in the most cost effective and simplest manner.

User Terminals

Eutelsat OneWeb - Intellian user terminals are the hardware units provided to customers to enable the high-speed, low latency service that Eutelsat OneWeb’s global satellite constellation delivers. With a range of Maritime and Enterprise user terminals, they're ideal for many sectors within each market ranging from cruise ships and merchant vessels, to community broadband and businesses in rural areas.

Market Sectors

Markets supported with seamless connectivity

The Eutelsat OneWeb - Intellian user terminals will be the hardware units provided to customers to enable the high-speed, low latency service that Eutelsat OneWeb’s global satellite constellation will deliver. More markets will come online as product development continues. 

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Where to Buy

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Regardless of your company size or industry – our partners can help you buy, build, implement, service, support and run the Eutelsat OneWeb total solution that best fits your unique needs. Find a trusted professional to work with today.