2.4m Maritime VSAT
2.4m Maritime VSAT

Redefining Global Connectivity FOR A CITY AT SEA


Innovative Technology Delivering High Throughput Global Connectivity

The range of Intellian 2.4m antenna systems provide satellite communication services with specific products designed to operate across several different frequency bands and track Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) or Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites.

These proven antenna systems are available in C-band, Ku-band, dual-band and tri-band. Combined with the latest innovation of MEO tracking, the Intellian 2.4m systems enable global coverage ensuring interruption-free connectivity. With this range Intellian fulfils the market demands of high-volume data users such as offshore, seismic and cruise vessels, that require fast, seamless and reliable communication services at sea, just like those available on land.

Product Range

2.4M Satellite Communication Solutions

Intellian v240MT Intellian v240M Intellian v240C Intellian v240K
Key Features

The World's First and Only 2.4 meter Multi-Orbit / Multi-Band VSAT Solutions

Intellian offers a complete range of 2.4m antenna solutions providing resilient reliable high throughput connectivity options over multiple frequency bands.


  v240C v240K v240M v240MT
Frequency Band C-band Ku-band C, Ku-band C, Ku, Ka Band
Orbits Supported GEO GEO GEO, MEO GEO, MEO
Upgrade Path - - Ka-upgradable -
Mediator Compatibility VSAT Mediator VSAT Mediator IM3, IM8 IM3, IM8
Radome Size Option 154" 154" 154", 168" 154", 168"
Fiber Link Option Y Y Y Y
AC/Heating Option Y Y Y Y
Dual Datacenter N N Y Y

Market Sectors

2.4m Maritime VSAT Markets We Support

Single-band, Dual-band, Tri-band (C-, Ku-, Ka-band) and Multi-orbit (GEO & MEO) technology is the most suitable choice for the Cruise and Energy industries, providing the highest levels of resiliency, connectivity and performance.

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Case Study

Discover the Benefits of the Intellian v240MT on a Cruise Vessel

Intellian successfully developed a new solution enabling ten times faster Internet connectivity to thousands of passengers on cruise vessels

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