Trial Vessels
Trial Vessels


As part of Intellian’s thorough product testing, we beta-test all new antenna designs onboard vessels to monitor their performance to help us refine and improve the product before it goes into production. Trial vessel owners get to keep the product which can be worth thousands of dollars. 

We’re currently recruiting applications for US trial vessels for both satellite TV, and internet antennas. Sound good? Read on!


In order for us to test products, our engineers will require access to your vessel to install the Intellian product. This process could include, but not limited to, requesting your vessel to be berthed in a certain area for crane access, drilling and installing an antenna mount into the deck, drilling cable access points and installing a below deck unit.

Using the form below please complete your details and those of the vessel so our engineers can review to determine suitability. For suitable vessels, the team will be in touch to discuss additional details and progress with a sea trial agreement.

Application form

Sea Trial Agreement


The sea trial is to start within 30 days of this signed agreement for the duration of 12 months, unless agreed upon otherwise by both parties. Each party will have a dedicated point of contact assigned for the duration of the sea trial. This person will coordinate the installation, reporting, documentation and all other activities and formalities required for a successful sea trial and transfer of ownership of the [product name].


Both parties agree to keep all personal and product information related to the sea trial confidential. The information contained in reports, log files, photos and documents produced during and after the sea trial will be available to both parties and kept confidential.


The participant agrees to participate in and collaborate with marketing activities to promote the product during or after the sea trial. This may include photos and videos of the vessel, case studies, reports and testimonials within reasonable terms not invading on the participant’s privacy.


The shipping and handling fees of the antenna and test equipment to the vessel’s port within the contiguous US will be handled by Intellian. The cost for installation within the regular budget for a typical installation will be covered by Intellian. Prior to the installation Intellian will provide a cost breakdown for the installation, the participant will be responsible for any additional costs exceeding the estimated budget. The participant agrees to have additional test equipment installed above and below deck for the duration of the sea trial. Intellian will provide an installation and wiring drawing following a survey of the vessel prior to the installation. The participant will facilitate access to the vessel for a site survey and the installation of antenna(s) and test equipment.


The participant agrees to provide regular feedback on the product, with a minimum of one monthly written one-page summary report on product performance and usability. Both parties agree to acknowledge the receipt of questions and inquiries within the same business day and provide an answer within in five business days of the regional US offices.

Corrective and Preventive Maintenance

During the sea trial the participant will facilitate access to the vessel for corrective actions. The corrective actions may include the removal and replacement of parts, hardware inspection, software updates and other activities needed for a successful completion of the sea trial.


The vessel owner is responsible for the [TV/airtime] subscriptions required for the successful use of [product] for the duration of the trial period. In some instances, Intellian may provide a limited airtime or subscription.


Intellian will accept liability to the equipment during transport and installation on the vessel. The participant will accept liability to the equipment after installation until the transfer of ownership.


Both parties have the right to cancel the agreement in writing prior or during the sea trial. When the participate is to cancel the agreement during the sea trial and prior to the transfer of ownership, the participant agrees to cover the cost of the removal of the antenna, test equipment of the vessel and the return shipment to Intellian.

Transfer of Ownership

After a successful sea trial of one year, Intellian will transfer ownership of the [product] to the participant. The antenna will be covered by 3 year warranty on parts and 2 year on labor starting from the date of installation.