True connectivity empowers everything. As the crucial link between satellite networks and people on Earth, our leading technology will empower global connectivity across oceans and continents, organizations and communities. Intellian is driven by a passion for innovation and agile responsiveness to customer needs, so as customers’ needs change - so must we. 

Intellian has made significant investments to independently design, manufacture, and deliver vertically integrated ESA terminals that provide exceptional network performance, scalability, production quality, ease of deployment, and cost efficiencies that leverage Intellian’s other industry leading award-winning satellite communication products, global distribution and support infrastructure. 


  • Phased array purpose-built to harness the power of OneWeb's LEO network
  • Compact, low power, and high performance 
  • Widely deployable anywhere in the world, especially remote areas with flexible mounting options
  • Single cable interface between CNX and ODU antenna
  • Applications: remote schools, community Wi-Fi hotspots, rural small/medium businesses, small cell backhaul, polar communities
  • Available early 2023

iESA - Fixed Enterprise

  • Turn-key, software-defined phased array with minimized SWAP and optimized for NGSO networks
  • Simple one-cable interface with fully integrated modem and power supply
  • Lightning quick electronic beam positioning for seamless satellite handovers and beam hopping
  • Weatherized and ruggedized to withstand harsh environments
  • Smartphone app-assisted self-installation process
  • Applications: microcell, community Wi-Fi, small/medium enterprise, disaster recovery
  • Available 2023


  • Portable broadband phased array terminal to access NGSO satellites wherever the job or mission takes you
  • Compact BGAN-like form factor that fits into standard rucksacks and backpacks
  • All-in-one packaging with integrated modem card, GNSS, etc.
  • One-button commissioning, and no assembly required for easy deployment and short time-to-comms
  • Compatible with popular and commonly available military batteries (e.g. BB-2590) with minimum 2 hours of continuous runtime
  • IP67 rated and ruggedized for military use cases
  • Customizable to end user requirements
  • Applications: homeland security, intelligence/surveillance, disaster recovery, emergency management, broadcast media, remote work
  • Available 2023

Mobile - COTM

  • Solid state phased array for satcom-on-the-move connectivity at any speed
  • Low-profile streamlined IP67 enclosure to withstand a variety of vehicular environments
  • Full duplex operation to maximize data throughput and stay connected even at low elevation angles
  • Optimized for NGSO connectivity with optional GEO integration
  • Smart beam pointing and tracking based on built-in Inertial Navigation System (INS)
  • Applications: rail, first responders, buses, freight trucks, mining, service vehicles, mobile agriculture equipment, government
  • Available 2023