Intellian - today, tomorrow and beyond

20 January 2022

The development of our new corporate video was quite a cathartic process. An opportunity to really analyze our business and through carefully selected videos, considered words and crescendoed music, succinctly tell the story of what we do, but also bring to the fore our new areas of business and growth. Our role in the world today, tomorrow and beyond. And all under two minutes!

Intellian is driven by a passion for innovation and an agile responsiveness to customer needs, so as customer’s needs change - so must we. Of course it’s easier said than done, but it’s this agile responsiveness that has been core to our business and our ability to grow. For some of you, this new video may be the first time you’re aware of areas of our growth and development.

Living on a planet that’s 71% ocean, our main business focus to date has been on the Maritime industry, with Intellian products impacting the lives of people all over the world. We’re number one in the commercial vessel VSAT market, revolutionized connectivity in the Cruise sector, and our innovative technology has been a resounding success across Energy, Government, Fishing and Leisure. But now we’re expanding our business and looking ashore, thinking about the other 29% of Earth, and the next phase of growth and opportunity for Intellian, our partners and our customers.

True connectivity empowers everything. As the crucial link between satellite networks and people on Earth, our leading technology will empower global connectivity across oceans and continents, organizations and communities.

Strategic thinking, an obsession with quality and a proven ability to deliver enables Intellian to invent for tomorrow and beyond, creating mutual success for our partners and customers as the world’s connectivity needs evolve. The satellite industry is going through rapid change, playing a bigger role in global connectivity and we’re leading the way, creating this future. We look forward to collaborating with you, so together we can continue to excel in our existing markets but also embrace our new vision, challenges and opportunities that await us in these Maritime, Land, and Government markets. Our ambition is that behind remote and critical connections, anywhere in the world, you’ll find Intellian.

I hope you're as excited about our future as I am.