Is HD TV available on all Intellian Sat TV systems?

To receive HD a suitable HD receiver and subscription has to be used to get HD channels. The Intellian i-Series will display HD programming when available on Ku-band Satellite signals.

In the US, Dish Network send HD programing on Ku-band and the i-Series will display HD. DirecTV operate on a dual band system and to receive HD, Intellian dual band antennas, the s6HD and s80HD WorldView must be used.

The i-Series will work with DirecTV, but only receives the SD channels.

Bell TV in Canada deliver HD programing on Ku-band, therefore the i-Series will display HD channels. For optimum viewing an Intellian MIM should be used to automate satellite channel switching.

In European locations most satellite TV providers transmit HD channels on Ku-band and so the Intellian i-Series should receive HD channels if they are provided as part of the subscription package. Please check with your local dealer.

How to connect multiple TV screens to one Satellite TV antenna system?

One Intellian Sat TV systems can be connected to multiple TV screens. Each TV will need to have its own Satellite receiver (set top box) and be connected to the antenna system using a multi-switch or Intellian MIM.

This will allow viewers to watch separate channels on each TV screen. Note: if you only have one receiver, all of the TV screens will show the same programming.

If you are still having difficulties or have any questions, please contact your local dealer or email the Intellian technical support team by submitting a question via: support@intelliantech.com.

Why do I lose some channels while I can still watch other channels?

An individual satellite has many different transponders all broadcasting different programs. These transponders typically have different power levels. Signals from the weaker transponders will frequently be lost before the signals from the stronger ones, especially at the fringes of the coverage footprint.

If you are still having difficulties or have any questions, please contact the Intellian technical support team by submitting a question via e-mail at: support@intelliantech.com.

What are the specifications of the Intellian i4?

Complete Intellian® i4 technical specifications, power requirements, dimensions, and instructions for operation can be found in the Intellian® i4 product brochure and user manual, both of which are available to download in PDF format at DownLoad

ACU Specifications for the Intellian v60

Please download the spec PDF here: Learn More

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