A rugged, man portable, quick deployable
satellite land terminal
LP100 Configuration
LP100 Configuration
LP100 Highlight
Rapid Deployment

Ease of deployment modular assembly that can be completed in theater in a few minutes. No tools required, it can be built in the dark as each reflector section is interchangeable.

Fail-Safe Operation w/ Manual pointing

Designed to offer “fail-safe” operation in event of an environmental unpredictable power failure on site. Manual pointing operation is also supported with the “P” button.

Remote Management Access via Aptus

Built-in web interface for remote management, control and updating in the field. Automated Diagnostics including internal Spectrum Analyzer.

Dual Power input AC/DC

With the dual power input capability, the LP100 can operate on AC power, or DC power from a vehicle. When either the AC or DC is disconnected, the power source selection will automatically switch to the available source for continuous system operation.

There is an automatic antenna stow function to prepare the system for packing, with a manual backup in case of power loss in the field.

Stable with a Covert profile

With a wide stable and adjustable base the antenna is stable, with a low center of gravity to survive heavy windage loads, with the tracking system constantly able to correct for any small movements automatically.

Designed for covert operations, with a low to ground profile, low visibility with customized camouflage options depending on the region.

Automatic Acquisition

Power on and the fully automated system will quickly acquire the selected satellite.
- One-click to track to satellite.
- One-click to stow the antenna ready for transport.
- Manual stow also available.

Optimized for Ku- and Ka - band

Precision dual band carbon fiber reflector : The LP100 is designed and engineered to operate on Ku- or Ka-bands while maximizing RF performance on both. With low power and narrow band carriers the Intellian LP100 can still perform as the system is designed to acquire and track these more covert carriers.

Man-Portable Package & Airline Checkable

LP100 light weight, rugged, and portable, supplied in either two hard cases or two soft case backpacks, both are airline checkable.
Packed in two protective backpacks the antenna system is well protected for harsh transport conditions in theater or air transport. Both case options are airline checkable.

Open Platform Compatibility

Fully compatible with all major service providers.
Preconfigured modem settings selected using a simple drop down menu within the Intellian Aptus control interface.

Land Portable Auto-Acquisition Satellite VSAT System

Lightweight Man Portable Flyaway Antenna with a 1m reflector

The Intellian LP100 is designed rapid deployment of high speed satellite communication networks for use in Defense, Disaster Recovery, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Media, Telemedicine, Insurance, Remote office, Energy and Mining.

Quick to deploy in under five minutes and is packed compact enough for ease of transport. With Automatic satellite Acquisition to find the required satellite efficiently.

The Intellian LP100 will help complete your mission

The Intellian LP100 flyaway terminal is designed to survive in the harshest of conditions while still delivering reliable communications.

Highly portable with fast deployment ensures an in-theater operator can be online quickly.

Light weight for ease of deployment, man portable in two protective backpacks, yet rugged enough to withstand the harsh handling of a military environment.

The LP100 can be managed using the Intellian Aptus platform, providing the ability to remotely manage and control the LP100 system through Aptus, using a simple one click process to provide system monitoring and support.