GX100 Top 3-Year Warranty
1m Global Xpress Terminal The GX100 is a 1m Ka-band maritime stabilized terminal, a ready-to-use system for the high speed, Global Xpress(GX) broadband service from Inmarsat. Built and supplied with an integrated Global Xpress modem the GX100 installs easily and delivers high speed connectivity in no time.
GX100 Highlights
Fully integrated satellite terminal, including modem, providing out-of-the-box connectivity.
Simple installation, including One Touch Commissioning.
Download speeds up to 50Mbps and seamless worldwide coverage.
Remote management and control using Aptus via direct Wi-Fi connection.

GX100 Feature Background 1
One Touch Commissioning

Today’s ship operators know that staying in port for extended periods is simply not an option, leaving a narrow window of opportunity to update communications equipment.

Commissioning a standard VSAT terminal on the satellite network entails calling the Network Operations Center (NOC) and waiting for assistance from someone on the other end of the line. Depending on availability, language barriers and other factors, this process can be time consuming.

The GX100 features a one touch commissioning capability, which dramatically reduces installation time, enabling a quick turnaround in port.

Feature Packed Design

The Intellian GX100 Below Deck Terminal (BDT) includes an integrated Global Xpress Modem and a Wi-Fi antenna for wireless monitoring and control of the terminal. Users can monitor and configure their system from anywhere onboard the vessel using their laptop PC or mobile device.

The terminal’s built in web server also enables simple and swift resolution of technical issues by enabling remote access from shore-based support staff.

Additionally, the built in 8 port Ethernet switch provides convenient IP connectivity to the vessel’s on-board, network ready devices. Once the simple installation process is complete users can be on-line in a matter of minutes, enjoying a reliable, high-speed Internet experience.

GX100 Feature Background 2
  GX100 Features  
Integrated BDT
  • Single rack mounted unit containing Antenna Control Unit and Global Xpress modem
  • Wi-Fi enabled for wireless management and control via Aptus.
One Touch Commissioning
  • Simple setup and activation.
  • Aptus provides an intuitive, graphical interface.
8 Port Ethernet Switch
  • No external network switch required.
  • Turn key connectivity.
Precision Reflector and Frequency Tuned Radome
  • Precision composite reflector counteracts warping due to temperature variation.
  • Radome engineered to provide superior RF performance in Ka-band.
Gyro-Free Satellite Search Capability
  • No external heading device input required.
  • Reduces installation time, automated Bow offset using Aptus.
Remote Access via Aptus
  • Built-in web interface for remote management, control and updating brings tech support aboard the vessel.
  • Automated Diagnostics including internal Spectrum Analyzer.
Global Support
  • 3-Year Global Warranty backed by over 300 Intellian Service and Support centers around the world.

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