ARC-M4-Block 1

Simultaneous X/Ka Band Wideband VSAT System with 3 axis and 1.3m Reflector Diameter

The Intellian ARC-M4-Block 1 is the first tri-band antenna that provides simultaneous X and MIL Ka-band service which ensures connectivity on WGS even during bad weather and when other band-specific interference occurs.

ARC-M4-Block 1
Key Features

MEO/LEO/HEO tracking capability

The ARC-M4 Block 1 provides assured access to every SATCOM arc of interest, including MEO, LEO and HEO. The ARC-M4 Block 1 can access current and future GSO/NGSO constellations in X and Ka-Band The ARC-M4 Block 1 increases the overall resiliency of Naval communications by supporting dynamic switching between multiple frequencies and alternative orbits.

Design for resiliency

The ARC-M4 Block 1 is designed to work with other commercial Ka-band service providers, this antenna opens up a new, broader set of connectivity options than the US Navy has ever had before. This terminal is designed to meet the MILSTD ruggedization requirements of the US Navy.

Electronic band switching

All frequency band changes are electronic, not mechanical The ARC-M4 Block 1 is designed and engineered to operate on both X and Military Ka-Bands simultaneously, without the need to replace the reflector and feed assembly. The system is supplied with X and 3 5 GHz Wideband Ka-Band RF packages.

Support for the Warfighter

Intellian built and is currently delivering the AN/OE 4706 COTS terminal. Like all of our systems for the US Government, it combines MIL STD rugged designs with innovation, elegant implementation and COTS sensibilities.

Resilience for the Warfighter

This system supports single, dual, triple or even up to eight terminal installations. Shipboard blockage zones, sea state conditions or other conditions are dealt with automatically. Up to eight modems or waveforms can be automatically switched in and out. And these Intellian systems support the policy-driven shipboard automation system we call Intellian Orchestra ™.

3.5GHz Wide Ka-band optimized

The ARC-M4 Block 1 is optimized to operate in the full Commercial and Military Ka-Band spectrums. The ARC-M4 Block 1 supports the current Commercial Ka-Band GEO/MEO constellations and Military Ka-Band GEO constellations as well as upcoming GSO/NGSO Ka-Band constellations.


Radome Dimension

193.5 x 182.5 cm (76.2 x 71.9 inch)

Reflector Diameter

129.3 cm (50.9 inch)

Antenna Weight

352.8 kg / 777.8 lbs

TX Frequency

(X) 7.9 ~ 8.4 GHz, (Ka-band) 27.5 ~ 30.0 GHz, 30.0 ~ 31.0 GHz

RX Frequency

(X) 7.25 – 7.75 GHz, (Ka-band) 17.7 ~ 20.2 GHz, 20.2 ~ 21.2 GHz

TX Gain (excl. radome)

(X) 37.6 dBi @ 8.15 GHz, (Ka-band) 47.8 dBi @30.0 GHz

RX Gain (excl. radome)

(X) 37.3 dBi @ 7.5 GHz, (Ka-band) 45.5 dBi @20.2 GHz


(X) 14.7 dB/K (@7.5 GHz,10°EL), (Ka-band) 19.5 dB/K (@20.2 GHz ,10°EL)

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